We depend on the Ocean for every second breath.
It absorbs 90% of excess heat from our atmosphere and is essential to all life on our blue planet.

Through science and storytelling, we tackle the full range of human actions threatening the Ocean and run youth engagement programmes that enable behaviour change.

Donate to restore the Ocean 

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How? You will enable us to:

  • Educate young people about the Ocean's importance, the threats it faces, and what they can do to make waves of change.
  • Produce high quality, educational and science-backed content and resources that assist our community to make sustainable choices.
  • Extend the reach of our UNESCO-endorsed youth engagement programmes and influence the impact young people have on the future health of our Ocean and planet. 
  • Amplify the voices and actions of our Wavemakers (aged 16-24) and support their journey towards Blue and Green careers.

Read more about our Ocean Academy and our Wavemaker Programme. 

Your support means the Ocean to us.

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