We depend on our Ocean for more than half the oxygen we breath. Its systems provide our drinking water. It’s a key source of food for billions of people. 


We can’t survive without the Ocean. We need to keep protecting it for the benefit of humanity. 

At Ocean Generation, this is what we do.

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By donating to Ocean Generation, you will be supporting our movement to provide education around Ocean threats, develop practical solutions, and seek to influence policy change. You will also be engaging and educating young people in Ocean conservation and how to make more sustainable daily lifestyle choices. Because the small choices are what will collectively have real impact. With your support, Ocean Generation can massively multiply the reach of our Ocean youth engagement programmes and influence the impact young people have on the future health of our Ocean and our planet. 

Read more about our Ocean Academy and Wavemaker Programmes. 

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“As the first generation to deeply understand Ocean threats, we are also the last generation who can stop them" 


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