Ever wondered what the numbers in the recycling symbol mean?

Discover secrets at the bottom of every bottle.

This self-led resource teaches you about plastic, and what makes it so special. You’ll know how to stop it leaking into the environment, and make a difference to our planet with two practical activities.

Learn the seven different types of plastic you encounter EVERY DAY! Become an expert in recycling in just half an hour. Impress your friends with long words like ‘polyethylene terephthalate’ (Spoiler: it’s a type of plastic!).

This activity will take you between 30-40 minutes and is best explored with a friend. If you’re looking for flexible resources that work in and out of the classroom, this sheet is perfect.

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[The Plastic By Numbers Activity Sheet needs to be uploaded on to the website, as it is currently NOT hosted on education.plasticoceans.uk