Along the fringes of coasts, where land and Ocean meet, grow the world’s mighty mangroves. These coastal ecosystems are found on every continent except Antartica. These resilient trees grow along shorelines with their complex root networks stretching deep into the mud.  

These trees may not look like anything special, but they have unique adaptations that allow them to live in saltwater environments and provide crucial habitats for many marine species. 

Why are Mangroves an Ocean Solution?  

At Ocean Generation, we’re on a mission to restore these mangrove ecosystems as they are a potent, nature-based solution in tackling Ocean threats like Climate Change and loss of biodiversity. Planting mangrove trees is a simple and effective step to make Ocean Action accessible to everyone.  

So, what makes Mangroves a Super Solution? 

Carbon Sinks 

Mangroves are highly effective carbon sinks. They sequester (the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere) 4 times more carbon per hectare than rainforests and they store up to 5 times more carbon per equivalent area.  

Carbon stored in mangrove forests is considered blue carbon as it’s stored on the coast. “The soil of mangrove forests alone can hold more than two years of global emissions – that’s 22 billion tons of carbon, according to Project Drawdown. This is why they are a huge Climate Action solution!    

Biodiversity Hotspots 

There are up to 25 more species of fish and other wildlife in mangroves than in areas where they have been cut down. Mangroves provide nesting and breeding habitats for fish and shellfish, birds and sea turtles. 

Improves Food Security 

For people living in coastal regions, healthy mangrove forests provide a healthy ecosystem from which to fish. And healthy farmland from which to grow crops and other produce.   

Storm Protectors 

Mangroves act as natural protection for coastal communities as they protect them from increased storm surges, flooding and hurricanes.  

Water Quality 

The heavy network of roots helps filter sediments, heavy metals and other pollutants. This prevents the contamination of waterways and preserves delicate habitats like coral reefs and seagrass beds.  

The Challenge we Face 

Mangroves are some of the world’s most valuable coastal ecosystems and yet we’ve lost around 50% of the world’s mangroves in the past 50 years alone.  If this trajectory continues, we could lose all mangroves within the next 100 years. By destroying mangrove habitats we not only take away a source of carbon sequestration, we also release all the carbon stored back into the atmosphere.   

The Mangrove Mandate 

Ocean Generation are partnering with local experts to restore mangrove forests in Madagascar. We want to look at the Ocean as the solution to the world’s problems and make it easy for everyone to contribute to that solution. That’s why we run The Mangrove Mandate to focus the story on the solution and what we can all do about it.  

There are of course many other ways to get involved with the Ocean Generation movement beyond just helping us plant a Mangrove Forest.

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#TheMangroveMandate is a simple and solution-focused way to get started. 

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We can regenerate a Madagascar Mangrove together!

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