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It’s pleasant to see the Ocean finally getting the recognition it deserves. As for the next step, this year’s COP 27 will provide an important stepping stone into financing and pushing forward Ocean-based climate action.

So, what is this year’s COP 27 all about?

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COP 27’s Goals

COP 27 will be hosted in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, being Africa’s second COP (COP 22 was hosted in Morocco). It will take place between 6th – 18th November 2022. The goals of COP 27 are:

  1. Finance: Hosting in Africa is a big deal for furthering climate finance funds for developing countries. Currently, there is a lack of trust and transparency in the delivery of $100 billion dollars annually.

  2. Mitigation: Enhancing NDCs is vital if we want to keep the 1.5C goal alive.

  3. Adaptation: The effects of human-induced climate change is being experienced now and it is likely to get worse before it gets better. Strong political will is needed to protect vulnerable communities.

  4. Collaboration: We have commitments and initiatives, but we need to commence the implementation of evidence-based solutions.

Sustainable Blue Economy


Our Expectations for COP 27

We will always welcome more commitments and pledges but this year we want to see the rapid adoption of existing solutions to safeguard our Ocean. This includes:

  1. Scaling up marine renewable energies

    In these trying times, we must remain resilient and curb our reliance on fossil fuels. According to IRENA, a 1.5C world is a world where offshore renewables are the central pillar of the global energy system by 2050. We urge further development and adoption of these technologies whilst monitoring, reporting, and mitigating environmental impacts on the Ocean.


  1. Protecting and restoring coastal and marine ecosystems

    Protecting these fragile ecosystems will ensure carbon sequestration, limit coastal flooding and much more. At present, over 37 NDC’s include “blue carbon” ecosystems in their strategies but there is limited greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting. We need to restore these ecosystems and monitor its contributions to global emissions reductions.


  1. Decarbonising the shipping sector

    US and Norway have issued a Green Shipping Challenge to encourage relevant parties to decarbonise their shipping value chains, by no later than 2050. With the help of alternate fuels and technologies, we would like to see the inclusion of decarbonising shipping when enhancing NDC’s at COP 27.

    We also look forward to more progress on the Global Methane Pledge and 30 x 30 initiative, following up on last year’s COP 26.


We need everyone to protect our Ocean

Blue the Paris Agreement

Our existing marine protected areas (MPA’s) need further protection.

Our dwindling biodiversity populations need robust conservation efforts.

Our fishing communities are already adapting.

Our island communities are united in the face of adversity.

Our youth is tackling the beast that is climate change to secure a just future.

Surely but slowly, we are making progress. We hope this year’s COP 27 will prove to be a catalyst for implementing Ocean-based climate action.

Our Future depends on One Ocean, and we need to protect it.

Ocean Solutions

Image extracted from Ocean and climate change dialogue 2022, SBSTA



Anxious about the state of our Ocean? You are not alone.