Christmas is coming. Rather than buying yet another short-lived gift, you can choose to give the gift of the Ocean this Christmas. By donating to Ocean Generation you'll contribute to safeguarding the Ocean that we all love and depend on.

Download Ocean Generation's Christmas Quizcast and share the experience with family, friends and colleagues. Scroll to find out more about Ocean Generation and what we do. 

Here's a soundbite from the Quizcast: 

Let's give our blue planet a little rest this Christmas. 

Listen in the car on a family roadtrip, add some competitive spirit to your Office Christmas party or just have a laugh with friends.

Here's how to participate: 

  1. Donate to Ocean Generation

  2. Receive an email with a PDF version of the quiz (and a bonus round of questions)

  3. And an audio version of the same quiz

  4. Choose your teams and the Game is on!

You can choose how much you donate. Everyone who donates will receive the Quizcast… but what’s it worth to you?

£5 is great if this is a small family affair. If you're using it as part of your Office Christmas celebrations, could you opt for £50 as part of your festive charity donations?

100% of your donation goes toward much needed programmes that protect our Ocean. 

Here's how your donation contributes to safeguarding our Ocean: 

  • £4 plants 4 mangroves that will absorb 1,230kg of CO2 in their lifetime, equivalent to lighting your home for 16 years
  • £20 empowers a 16-25 year old to join a 3 hour Wavemaker workshop that helps them discover how to use their passion to be a voice for the Ocean 

  • £50 funds one micro-grant for a young Wavemaker to create their own Ocean content and use our platform to share their work 

  • £500 enables 150 student to join an in-school, UNESCO endorsed, Ocean Academy workshop where they are immersed in the importance of our Ocean.

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Ocean Generation is an Ocean conservation charity, empowering people around the world to make a positive difference to our Ocean. 

We do this through: 

  • Science and research – turning Ocean Science into understandable and practical tools that people everywhere can use in their daily lives
  • Film-making and storytelling – using film and popular culture to tell stories and engage people in the important role the Ocean plays in supporting our world.
  • Education and advocacy – empowering young people to become ocean advocates (Wavemakers) by providing recourses to educators, running workshops and visiting schools 
  • Partnership and campaigning – collaborating with key organisations and businesses to diversify our skills and amplify our message to reach people around the world


We are empowering an inclusive global movement on a mission to tackle Ocean threats through science and storytelling. We exist to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. We see a world where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation.

Because we are the first generation to deeply understand Ocean issues. And the last generation who can stop them. 

We are the Ocean Generation.

If you do not receive the email within an hour of sending your donation, please email [email protected]