We depend on our Ocean for more than half the oxygen we breath. 

Its systems provide our drinking water.

It’s a key source of food for billions of people. 


We can’t survive without the Ocean. 

We need to keep protecting it for the benefit of humanity. 

At Ocean Generation, this is what we do.


12 months of pandemic has had a huge impact on our charity.

By contributing to our urgent appeal, you’ll be part of the Ocean Generation providing education about Ocean threats, developing practical solutions and seeking to influence policy change.


Thank you for supporting us.


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A small thank you 

As an environmental charity, we don’t do throwaway gifts, but we hope these gestures will help you  feel part of the growing Ocean Generation Community: 

For everyone

We’ll send you an Ocean Generation social media template so you can let your friends know you stand up for the Ocean and encourage them to do the same (£10-20) 

If you can give a little bit more

We’ll also send you an Ocean Generation digital asset for you to personalise your device (£50).


Donate  £75 and we’ll also invite you to an exclusive Plastic Intelligence webinar where you’ll participate and learn what practical steps you can personally take to tackle Ocean plastic pollution (£75). 

Join us with a 12 month membership (£100)

Join Ocean Generation for a year and in addition to all the above benefits, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on including news from our Ocean partners, progress on our latest film and the chance to be the first to help us test our latest Ocean Intelligence tools.  

Become a Founder member (£500)

Join us as a Founding Member and you’ll receive all member benefits and you’ll also join our VIP list for future film and Ocean Intelligence events so you can connect to the Ocean in a whole new and very special way! 


“As the first generation to deeply understand Ocean threats, we are also the last generation who can stop them" 


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