One Green Bottle: Mangrove edition

Your support means the Ocean to us 

The Ocean is the most important, yet the most threatened ecosystem on Earth. It provides every second breath we take, captures over 50% of global carbon, and is the primary protein source for over 3 billion people. 

By buying One Green Bottle's Mangrove edition, you’re contributing to an Ocean positive future.

You can also donate directly to Ocean Generation. For as little as £2 YOU can help to safeguard the world's most precious ecosystem - our Ocean.

Here's how your donation will contribute to safeguarding our Ocean: 

  • £4 plants 4 mangroves that will absorb 1,230kg of CO2 in their lifetime, equivalent to lighting your home for 16 years
  • £20 empowers a 16-25 year old to join a 3 hour Wavemaker workshop that helps them discover how to use their passion to be a voice for the Ocean 

  • £50 funds one micro-grant for a young Wavemaker to create their own Ocean content and use our platform to share their work 

  • £500 enables 150 student to join an in-school, UNESCO endorsed, Ocean Academy workshop where they are immersed in the importance of our Ocean.

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But wait, who is Ocean Generation?  

Ocean Generation is an inclusive global movement tackling Ocean threats through science and storytelling. We translate Ocean science into engaging content and programmes through our ‘Ocean Intelligence’ approach; endorsed by UNESCO.  

Through storytelling, pop-culture, film, and our educational programmes we introduce and educate young people about the importance of our Ocean and empower them to take action.  

We’ll plant a Mangrove Tree (AKA: a climate superhero) on behalf of you

Mangrove trees are coastal guardians. They’re responsible for over $60 billion in avoided losses from coastal flooding. What’s more: Mangrove trees store between 3 – 5 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests.  

To put the power of these unassuming trees into perspective:  Mangroves are climate change superheroes.

You’ll be the reason one child is educated about the importance of the Ocean 

From toe in the water to a full immersion experience, we engage youth from 3 – 25 years old in the wonder of our Ocean, develop their knowledge, and stimulate collective behaviour change actions appropriate for each age group.  

We have an educational game with EarthCubs (3-5), visit schools and provide learning resources through our Ocean Academy (5 – 16), which is endorsed by UNESCO, and run skills development workshops and accelerate social action through our Wavemaker Programme (16 – 25). 

By 2030, we will engage 1 million people in Ocean Action. 
You’ll help us make that impact. 

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