• We present ourselves at all times as an evidence-based scientific organisation and as such we are curious and open to learn in everything we do.   We recognise that the information we share today is likely to be superseded by more updated information in the future and so we should take great care in how we share Ocean Intelligence publicly. 


  • Given less than 5% of the Ocean has been explored and an estimated 91% of all marine species are yet to be discovered, it is critical to recognise the extent of knowledge gaps that exist about the Ocean.


  • We avoid presenting available estimates and assessments as hard facts and take care to present the data we do share in an appropriate context and highlighting the assumptions or estimations and always provide data where the source is verifiable.

    This is why Ocean Generation cannot endorse statements like:

-       A plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down.

-       By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

                                An estimated 91% of all marine species are yet to be discovered in the Ocean.

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