History shows that when people come together and work towards a shared goal, what was once thought impossible can become reality.    

Are all voices being represented?

It is so important that there is space for all voices to be heard, to discuss the changing environments around them and the work that is happening for Ocean conservation.  

These voices must include the voices of all, particularly the voices of those from the Global South, climate-vulnerable nations and from marginalised groups or communities.  

Who to follow: 

If you’re interested to know who to follow from the BAME community, click the links below:  

  • Charise Johnson – Climate justice activist 
  • Miranda Lowe – Focus’ on environmental and Ocean conservation    
  • Domi Palmer - Climate justice activist 
  • Kristy Drutman - Climate justice activist 
  • She Changes Climate – Organisation whose mission is to ensure all delegations, for all climate negotiations, have at least a 50% representation of diverse women at their top levels, now and in the future.  

The window of opportunity for Ocean conservation and limit global temperature rise to 1.5C is very narrow but still scientifically possible.

The global community must grasp this opportunity to not only move urgently away from fossil fuels but to aim towards societies that put care, social justice, and human rights for all at the centre.  

Change can still happen   

We are currently inside of the United Nations ‘Ocean Decade’, which seeks to provide a common framework to ensure that Ocean science can fully support countries to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It’s initiatives like this that will boost the conversations around the support needed to achieve a protected Ocean.