At Ocean Generation we are committed to tracking and minimising our own carbon footprint. We support blue carbon initiatives as part of our carbon neutral commitment.


As an environmental charity, our daily way of working is centred on a remote business model.  As such we retain no physical office and conduct our primary interactions through video conference. Where carbon emissions are unavoidable in our work, we are committed to supporting blue carbon projects to become carbon neutral.

Further information on activities which impact our carbon footprint are as follows:

  • Travel:

Transport accounts for 24% of global CO2 emissions from energy.  At Ocean Generation we restrict our travel to that absolutely necessary to pursue our mission of tackling human-made threats to the Ocean. All our work travel is logged to calculate the reflected emissions under Scope 3, using the latest available GHG conversion factors.

  • Meetings, Offices and Wellbeing:

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated just how much can be achieved remotely. We therefore no longer retain a physical office and where possible, our daily business is conducted remotely via video conference to reduce avoidable emissions. We do recognise the importance of in-person contact for wellbeing and team effectiveness and so we schedule regular face to face team meetings every other month.

  • Carbon Offsetting:

Despite our best efforts, some carbon emissions are unavoidable and so we are committed to offsetting our own carbon footprint through blue carbon initiatives such as the mangrove restoration project in Madagascar.  We aim to support projects that involve local coastal or wetland communities that aligns with our social aims in addition to our carbon neutral goals.

Mangroves in Thailand

What else impacts the environment? The things we purchase.

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