As we enter a pivotal decade for the ocean, with the UN Decade of the Ocean kicking off in June 2021, we are proud to collaborate with Corona to embark on a new journey where together we develop and share practical ideas, recommendations and solutions on how to use plastic more intelligently within our daily lives so as to build a more sustainable relationship between humanity and our Ocean. Together, we are committed to taking bold steps toward freeing the Ocean from human threats. 


Corona has taken on a bold feat to become the world’s first brand to reach a net zero plastic footprint. This means Corona is on a journey to recover more plastic than it releases into the world globally. To mark World Oceans Week, Corona is releasing ‘Plastic Reality’ an eye-opening Augmented Reality experience that shows people their personal plastic footprint.  

Together with Ocean Generation we are then sharing ideas on how people can use plastic more intelligently. 

Ocean Generation is not an anti-plastic organisation. We recognise the valuable role plastic can play in industries like the medical sector. However we believe we can reduce the amount of pointless plastic we consume. We believe in becoming Plastic Intelligent – making intelligent choices in our daily lives that will stop plastic entering our waterways and polluting our ocean.  

Together we are making it more simple and accessible for everyone to contribute and get involved in protecting the health of our Ocean and our own health too. 

Join us on this journey as we explore ways we can all make more plastic intelligent choices and live more sustainably in harmony with the ocean and our world. 

As the first generation to deeply understand Ocean issues,

We are the last generation who can stop them.

We are all the Ocean Generation.

Join the Ocean Generation

The Ocean Generation is coming together to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Because as the first generation to understand ocean issues, we are also the last generation who can stop them. We are all the Ocean Generation. Join the movement.