We know that change takes time for businesses, but we do not condone greenwashing in the strongest terms. That’s why we only work with partners who can demonstrate a genuine commitment to a sustainable future.

Restoring the balance of Ocean health is going to take more than a handful of companies ‘doing’ sustainability perfectly; we need millions of businesses worldwide to make the change now! We recognise this change is going to be imperfect, at least initially. That’s why we engage with business leaders who demonstrate to us a genuine desire to change whatever their starting point.

We recognise that greenwashing is a spectrum of actions. From companies who blatantly convey false impressions by providing false or misleading information, to those whose claims are unsubstantiated and deceive consumers by stating that their products or services are environmentally friendly. 

There is a clear difference between an honest transformation programme and greenwashing. We can spot it and we address it with the organisation, and if necessary, we cut ties.

No more business-as-usual measures for the sake of the planet


We are hopeful with the solutions we have available now, from sustainable to regenerative.