Originally posted on Plastic Oceans UK website on Nov 28, 2019.

We are thrilled to announce that Ocean Generation will be supporting GSK’s Single Use Plastic Reduction Programme. GSK is reducing its single use plastic footprint in its working environment across all of its sites over the next few years. 

Sustainability lead for Single Use Plastics, Emma Howcroft said “we’re very excited to be working in partnership with Plastic Oceans UK to launch our single use plastics reduction programme at GSK. We are aiming to reach all our sites and significantly reduce our single use plastic footprint over the next few years”.

With over 450 sites worldwide, Ocean Generation will help to incite behavioural change at their sites across the globe. Through its online environment we’ll be encouraging reflective thinking and challenging employees to see what they can improve. We hope that internally generated content will lead to individuals questioning workplace norms, leading to a plastic intelligent workforce.

There is also great potential for further impact in homes and communities of GSK’s 100,000+ employees. As individuals become activated to the single use plastics problem, they will take that insight and enthusiasm into the domestic context.

We look forward to sharing the impact of the programme over the next few years, and how GSK will help us stop plastic reaching the Ocean within a generation.

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