Your money is so powerful.

Most people who are lucky enough to have a private pension in the UK don't know what their pension invests in. ⠀

Ironically, the @xrebellionuk protestor outside COP26, could be investing in the very companies they are protesting against, without even knowing. ⠀

How much power do pensions hold?

Our pensions are building the world around us, without us even realising.

Pension capital amounts to:⠀

  • £2.6 trillion in the UK⠀
  • £50 trillion globally 

And yet, our pensions are enabling 300 million tonnes of carbon every year, through the companies they are invested in. ⠀

Mind Blowing Stats

Switching an average pension of £30,000 to a climate-sensitive fund was up to:

  • 20x more effective than switching to an electric car powered by renewable electricity
  • 40x more effective than switching to an electric car powered by conventional electricity
  • 40x more effective than switching to a renewable energy supplier
  • 57x more effective than adopting a vegan diet
  • 330x more effective than reducing your shower time by half
  • 21x more effective than giving up flying, becoming vegetarian and switching to a renewable energy provider COMBINED

These numbers are staggering - and more people need to be aware. 

Check out, Make My Money Matter. They are building a movement calling for the trillions of pounds invested in UK pensions to be redirected to protect our futures.

Every organisation, whether it be a business, university or charity, should align their pensions with their values, ensuring pension funds put the planet, and therefore people, above all other priorities.

This is our money. It's an extraordinary amount of capital and it has the potential to have huge positive impact on the climate. ⠀

Focusing on where our money goes could be one of the most impactful choices we make for a healthier planet. 

To find out more, watch 'How to save the World with your Wallet'