In 2022, we will bring Ocean Academy, Ocean Generations education hub, a single learning destination for parents and teachers to access the best in Ocean education - to the classroom.

Designed for ages 5-16, Ocean Academy provides a digital learning space that delivers open-source material to learn about the Ocean, the threats it faces, and the steps we all need to take to protect it. Because for the next generation to protect the earth’s most precious ecosystem, it must first understand its importance.

Rolling out our initial pilot of the programme in March 2022, Ocean Generation will deliver a bespoke school presentation with the aim to bring the Ocean into the classroom. Through schools primarily in the South-West of England, Ocean Generation will engage with local children, teachers, and the wider community to inspire action and awareness.

The ‘bringing the Ocean into the classroom’ programme is founded on the four key pillars of Ocean Academy, which is our education hub;

  • Our Ocean
    • Highlighting the amazing and multifaceted role of our Ocean (Including providing the Oxygen we breathe and the water we drink, controlling our climate and weather patterns, irrigating the planet, and regulating global carbon levels. You can read more here.

  • Ocean not Oceans
    • Introducing our Ocean as a single interconnected water source for the planet supporting all life on earth.

  • Our Impact
    • Exploring Our Impact - the challenges the Ocean faces and how we can make better decisions to protect it. Including practical behaviour change that could be implemented in the student’s school, home or community environment. The threats we focus on are:
      1. Climate Change
      2. Pollution
      3. Ocean Use
      4. Extraction
      5. Coastal Infrastructure
  • Our Future
    • Discussing Our Future to inspire young people to champion change and feel empowered to protect our Ocean through behaviour change and innovative solutions.

Not only this but it is amplifying 3 of the sustainable development goals, such as:

  • Life Below Water - Safeguarding our Ocean and all things connected to it. All our education work, assets and immersive presentations are focused on the importance of our Ocean.
  • Climate Action - Recognizing the urgent need to combat climate change and the impact it has on our Ocean. Building on the SDG of 'Life Below Water', we recognise the interconnectedness of the Ocean and the wider threat of Climate Change. Therefore our work extends to all Ocean threats and aims to drive climate action.
  • Quality Education - We deliver STEM education inclusively to all children to inspire climate/Ocean champions to safeguard our future. Both locally and globally. All our resources are open-sourced to be fully accessible and inclusive.

This presentation is able to be piloted thanks to Airbus’ incredible community affairs support. We will be sharing the inspiring thoughts and comments from some of the young people we talk to at the schools – keep your eyes peeled for these soon!