Expo 2020 Dubai is an inclusive and global event with more than 200 participants from around the world. The Expo looks at unlocking development opportunities for the next generation, reimagining how people move and connect, and finding sustainable solutions around energy and our Ocean.

The theme for this Expo is ‘Connecting Minds – Creating the Future’. Our founder, Jo Ruxton MBE was invited to talk discussing the importance of our Ocean and how we can safeguard its future.

Here is a summary of Jo's time at the Expo:

The central part of Expo consisted of three massive ‘districts’ representing the themes of the event, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, the area that I was invited to speak at.  Having a sustainability theme at the core of this massive global stage is in itself a huge move forward for an event that brings together representatives from all around the world. 

There is a theme running through the Sustainability District, a ‘Programme for People and Planet’ with live and virtual events staged right through the months that Expo was planned for.  Originally expected to take place from Oct 2020 to March 2021, Covid had plans of its own, yet Expo remained a massive success and the incredible team pushed on through those hurdles, adapting as they proceeded. 

That Sustainability District was easily recognised from afar by the ‘forest’ of ‘e-trees’ surrounding it.  These contained solar panels high above the main arena generating all of the power needed for that section.  They also collected any rainwater that has fallen in the time Expo has been there, this too was funnelled into the Sustainability area although more was needed and had to be supplemented. 

They had insisted that the organisers placed water filling stations throughout Expo, no plastic bottles were sold, water to buy came in cans and all of the catering came in sustainable containers.  Achieving that in the UAE would have been a massive challenge but they managed.

The event I took part in was one of a series called ‘World Majlis’ named after the traditional Arab forum for a community to discuss issues and raise important matters.

The recent in-person event took place during, World Water Week under the title, ‘Living Oceans: Reversing Our Impact on Marine Ecosystems’. You can watch the session recording on Virtual Expo here.