Our Education Microsite is where to go for differentiated education resources on plastic and plastic pollution.

Check out our Education Microsite 

Reach curriculum objectives while engaging students on an environmental topic they’re passionate about! Lesson plans, teachers notes and worksheets tailored for ages 5-7, ages 7-11, or ages 11-16. All completely free.

Ages 5-7 and 7-11

Ideal Primary resources covering Maths, Science, Literacy and Citizenship. We’ve created a series of 8 lessons for each age group.

Ages 11-16

Plastic permeates our entire world – and has relevance for every subject. Our 11-16 resources examine plastic from perspectives of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Design Technology, Maths, Geography and English.

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Ocean Discovery Day materials


Looking for your next class project? Activate your students! Get them to make a change with our three Ocean Discovery Day packs: Love is in the Bin, Pointless Plastic, and Rubbish Lessons.

We've been experts on plastic pollution since 2009. We know young people resonate with this issue. That’s why using plastic for learning is an excellent strategy. Engross those students who already care about plastic in your subject. And activate other students on to be aware of how much plastic we all use. That way, they’ll be the generation that creates a sustainable relationship with our ocean.