We work with partners from all sectors of society who share our commitment and passion for protecting the Ocean and bringing Ocean knowledge to life.

Global threats require global solutions. As an inclusive movement, we will partner with any organisation which genuinely shares our commitment and passion for tackling Ocean threats and which aligns with our beliefs and values.

We work with three main types of partners:

Commercial Partners:

We rely on the amazing support of our commercial partners, big and small, to fund and enable most of our work.  We particularly seek companies who want to embed sustainable practices at the core of their business models and who are open to partner with us in their transformation. These commercial partners differ in where they are on their sustainability journey, and we embrace that. Some may be innovators in the field whose whole model is built around sustainability. While others may be in an era of transformation where they are in the process of changing their practices and bringing their entire value chain along with them.


Knowledge Partners:

We partner with a wide range of specialists to bring Ocean science to life. Together we transform complex scientific research into engaging Ocean knowledge that people everywhere can relate to. We work with a wide range of NGOs, scientists, and specialist agencies to enable behavioural change, globally.


Distribution Partners:

We are building a network of like-minded NGO and youth partners with whom we can multiply the impact of our joint work. Together our partnerships provide increasing scale and global reach and generate a shared pool of Ocean knowledge and Ocean content. Our NGO partnerships enable us to project global scale without the cost and bureaucracy of building our own international structures.




Worried about companies greenwashing? We are too.