Have you ever looked at a plastic water bottle and thought: “That would look great on me."
No? We haven’t either.
But more and more fashion companies are starting to think like this and use recycled materials to create recycled clothing.

Reusing plastic to create recycled clothing is a great way to reduce our plastic footprint and stop discarded products from entering our Ocean.

The fast fashion industry has had a big impact on our shopping behaviours and our relationship with clothing. But how big are these issues?

The problem

The fashion industry generates more greenhouse gases than international aviation and shipping combined. If that wasn't bad enough, less than 1% of textile clothing is recycled.

Recycled clothes - clothes made out of recycled materials - are a great choice if you’re looking to reduce your plastic footprint and create a more ethical wardrobe1

Where can I start with recycled fashion?

Knowing where to start isn’t always easy. 

An estimated 100 billion garments are produced annually, worldwide2

Consumers will generally buy a polyester dress and after a few wears, either donate it or throw it in the bin. It’ll then go to a landfill site where it will stay, releasing microplastics into the ground; eventually making its way to our Ocean.
That is where making clothes out of recycled materials comes in.
Fashion companies are starting to do their bit by transforming plastic waste into recycled clothes and accessories. If it’s going to be around for hundreds of years anyway, why not wear it?

What's the process behind recycled clothing?


What is GILL?

Gill is a great fashion company doing just this. Founded by the desire for better, their existing range already has fabrics featuring recycled plastics. One of their vests is made up of 13 plastic bottles.

From 2022 onwards, they will use Ocean sourced plastic bottles to make their recycled clothing. Check out their Sustainable Edit of recycled clothing and find out more.

What shall I do?

Why not take a deeper look into your favourite fashion brands and see how they are committing to reduce their plastic footprint and if they are creating recycled fashion.
Or the next time you do a fashion haul, search for new brands that are taking steps to take plastic out of our Ocean, not put it back in. 
Is this recycled fashion trend here to stay? Thankfully, yes. And this is only the beginning.

Join the Ocean Generation

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