At Ocean Generation, we recognise population growth as an underlying driver of human threats to the Ocean which is amplified by other human actions, advancements, and consumption patterns that together put unsustainable pressure on natural resources.

                             Oil Rig         

The United Nation's five underlying drivers of Ocean threats include:

  • Population Growth and Demographic Changes
  • Economic Activity
  • Technological Advances
  • Changing Governance Structures and Geo-Political Instability, and
  • Climate Change

                            Bottom trawling and bycatch are products of overfishing. 

As human beings, we unsustainably impact the Ocean through the following five ways:

  • Climate Change (eg: Emissions released through burning of fossil fuels)
  • Pollution (eg: Plastic, Chemical Waste)
  • Coastal Infrastructure Development (eg: Habitat Destruction)
  • Resource Extraction (eg: Overfishing)
  • Daily Ocean Use (eg: Marine Traffic)

How does climate change impact the Ocean?