We need everyone to contribute. 


We believe that in order to have the impact needed to restore a healthy ocean we need everyone to make the choices they can to live a more sustainable lifestyle and find the most impactful way to do that. Rather than alienate people or businesses who are still starting their sustainability journey or have not been fully sustainable in the past and shut them out from the solution. We need everyone to know how they can contribute as responsibility sits with all of society.

At Ocean Generation, we are enablers. We believe in focusing on the progress and commitment being made towards more sustainable practices. We don’t believe in guilting people or organisations or shaming them for what they still need to do.  Everyone needs to be part of the solution to achieve the impact at scale needed. 

                              We must reduce our reliance on plastic.

Join the Ocean Generation

The Ocean Generation is coming together to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Because as the first generation to understand ocean issues, we are also the last generation who can stop them. We are all the Ocean Generation. Join the movement.