Paid Opportunity for 16 to 25 Year Olds: Be a Voice for Our Ocean

The most effective way to raise awareness about our Ocean and its importance is through storytelling. More than ever, we want to platform young voices. We want to share your stories, insights, and the journey you've been on - learning about and bettering - our big blue planet.

Gain experience in content creation as you share short videos about what's going on in the world through an Ocean positive lens. Selected Wavemaker Stories will be amplified on our social channels and earn you £50 from our co-creator fund. 

How Wavemaker Stories Submissions Work

Every quarter, we'll share a theme that you can upload submissions to. All you have to do is: 

  1. Create a 60-second video (or other piece of creative content) that aligns with the theme 
  2. Double check that your piece of content meets our requirements
  3. Fill in this form and upload your submission by the deadline
  4. If we select to share your story on our Ocean Generation or Ocean Academy social channels, we'll reach out to arrange a £50 payment
  5. Keep creating, empowering, and sharing - there's no limit to how many times you can submit a Wavemaker Story

What are the Wavemaker Stories themes for 2023?

Wavemaker Stories theme:
Innovation in your world

Deadline for 'Innovation in your world' submissions are 19 February 2023:

Press record and tell us about innovation you've seen in your community/ country that is making our planet a better, cleaner, more sustainable place to call home. 

Think along the lines of Ocean-positive petitions, local community group activities, innovative products or pieces of technology. Ask yourself: How is this innovation/ idea making a sustainable and lasting difference to our Ocean? And tell us about it in 60 seconds. 

How to create a Wavemaker Story that gets shared

Creating a piece of video content can be daunting (we know) but you don't need to have a degree in Ocean Science or be the poster child for perfect environmentalism to have your story selected. Don't worry if you've never filmed or edited a video either: We've got tips to share to support you along the way. 

Free: Download our top tips for creating short-form video content 

Need some more inspiration?

Video requirements

Flex your creativity but keep these requirements in mind (sticking to these will better your chances of getting your submission selected): 

  • Keep it punchy: We have a 60-second limit for all video submissions
  • Film your video in portrait.
  • Use the first few seconds of your video to capture your audience's attention: Pose a question, share a stat, tell them why to keep watching.
  • Introduce yourself. Our community would love to get to know you! A one-liner about where you're from and what you do is perfect.
  • Keep in mind that we prioritise sharing positive perspectives and stories
  • We love accurate science. If you're sharing a stat of fact, please ensure it's backed by science and include where you got the information (on the submission form) so we can fact check it.

Ready to submit your Wavemaker Story?

Fill in the submission form    Upload your piece of content

*All content we choose to feature on our channels will be credited to you and paid for.
*If your submission is selected, we'll reach out to make a once-off payment of £50 for the content piece.
*The Ocean Generation/ Ocean Academy channels we share your content on gets decided by our team.

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